Deer Stalking and The Public Interest

Land owners or other designated personnel or organisations, are tasked with the management of deer on the open range.  This involves the humane culling of deer and their subsequent sale to licensed game dealers. As deer have no natural predators, deer stalking is employed to control their numbers.  Their numbers need to be controlled as deer often share their territory with other herbivores on mostly agricultural enterprises. This prevents over grazing and damage to sensitive natural habitats.

Although stalking takes place throughout the open seasons, the majority of deer are culled in September and October, a peak time for walking in the Scottish hills.  Please be considerate when walking in the hills during the stalking seasons and try to minimalise disruption to stalking parties by following the advice below and the advice given on the Public Documents page of this site.


When walking at these times, you can assist stalkers by:

  • Checking to see if stalking is taking place in the area
  • Walking on ridges
  • Staying clear of stalking parties if observed


Follow the advice in the Scottish Outdoor Access Code to try and find out where stag stalking is taking place because it was not always easy to find out who to contact. Check the area you are planning to walk over in the Maps and Contacts page of this website and establish if stalking is taking place.  The Code also encourages walkers:

  • to follow reasonable alternative routes on days when stalking is taking place
  • not to cross land where stalking is taking place
  • to avoid wild camping where stalking is planned for the next day


Deer Stalking Seasons

Red Deer

Stags   Open Season


Hinds    21st October - 15th February


Fallow Deer

Bucks   1st August - 30th April

Does     21st October - 15th February

Road Traffic Accidents

If you have been involved in a road traffic accident involving deer, please let us know.  We like to record these so that we can help prevent accidents in the future.


The next Meeting of The Mull Deer Management Group will be at the Salen Hotel on the 13th October 2024 at 12.30.

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